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Don't Reinvent the ERP Wheel - Series Intro

By: Brad Robinson | February 8, 2018
Don’t Try to Reinvent the ERP Wheel – A Weekly Look Into ERP Selection Tips Everyone has heard the common expression, “Don’t reinvent the wheel”, but too often we see companies doing exactly that when it comes to their enterprise technology. Businesses will try to implement and manage enterprise systems themselves, throw together a slew of different […]
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Blockchain: Powering More Than Just Currency

By: Brad Robinson | February 7, 2018
You’ve most likely heard of Bitcoin, and probably have heard mumblings of the technology powering it, called blockchain.  Regardless, this technology is the real deal, so be prepared to start hearing about it more often in the very near future. According to IBM, a blockchain is defined as “shared, immutable ledger for recording a history of […]
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4 Tech Trends Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

By: LTA | January 31, 2018
According to a recent paper from the Brookings Institute, while the U.S. manufacturing industry has struggled in general over the past few decades, the current outlook is far more optimistic. Manufacturing employment fell from about 14 percent in 1996 to only eight percent of the workforce in 2016. Analysts have blamed the majority of loss of jobs to a […]
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