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How Digitizing Your Workflow, Documents and Messaging Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

By: Liberty Technology Advisors | December 14, 2020
The advantages of going paperless reach far beyond reducing paper documentation; digitization directly affects company productivity, training, worker safety and many other aspects of a manufacturing operation. 
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Is Excel Hurting Your Business?

By: Liberty Technology Advisors | June 18, 2020
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software that every American has heard of and every data processing software wants to be. It is a product that was invented in 1987 and quickly stole the show from Minitab and Lotus 1-2-3. There are over 750 million users worldwide (Cocking, 2017). Let’s get real, many excel users were born after its invention. […]
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Train Hard So You’ll Be Hard to Beat

By: Liberty Technology Advisors | May 20, 2020
Things break. It is just a reality. In IT, we have support teams to handle this but are they prepared. Competition requires us to change things, which increases the chances of breakage. And then, on top of that, we have to worry about security and vulnerability threats since having a strong online presence is a must! Put aside the physical viruses, we […]
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