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IT Roadmaps – The Importance of Having a Path to Follow

By: Liberty Technology Advisors | November 21, 2019
Everyone has heard the term IT roadmap thrown around in the business world but what is it? Is this the new captivating phase? Is it a trend? How would I use a roadmap? Why can't I just create one tomorrow? Most importantly, why would my company need one? An IT Roadmap is a comprehensive plan to strategically organize your Information technology across ...
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Be Prepared: Elements of an IT Roadmap

By: Liberty Technology Advisors | October 21, 2019
Sometimes navigating an IT map can be quite a bit like being a scout earning your wilderness survival merit badge - it feels like you are in the woods, not much of a map or path to use as a guide but maybe with a compass and your will you can survive.  It's better to have the right tools and the right knowledge so you can lead yourself out of the ...
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Go Back to Get To The Future - Applying The Goal to Managing IT Development

By: Liberty Technology Advisors | October 14, 2019
With two daughters in college, it is great to see some of the styles of the 1980s which have come back around as it was a great decade. Great music and movies, clothing styles, big hair…well, maybe not the hair. Some things I've been sad to see go away, like Deloreans and movies which were good clean fun like Back to the Future or Better Off Dead. ...
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You Should Update your Key Performance Indicators Now!

By: Liberty Technology Advisors | August 8, 2019
When was the last time you sat back and thought about all the key performance indicators (KPIs) your company is tracking? Do you just add KPIs to your financial reports when an executive asks? Do you spend too many man-hours tracking and manipulating data every month?
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Client Appreciation Event - PGA Tour's Evans Scholars Invitational

By: Liberty Technology Advisors | May 28, 2019
At LTA, our clients always come first.  Whether it is before, during, or after a project is completed, we strive for everyone to have a phenomenal experience.  It was an absolute pleasure and honor to host our annual Client Appreciation Event last week at The Glen Club as a proud sponsor of the PGA Tour’s 2019 Evans Scholars Invitational.
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