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Too Small to Be Better? Curious George Does Not Think So, BPR Is for Everyone!

By: Rich Farrell | July 17, 2019
Most folks believe that Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) is something that is needed at big companies, Fortune 500 companies. That is not necessarily true. Let’s look at BPR and why it is for monkeys like Curious George as well as for gorillas like King Kong.
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The Big Bang Theory Meets SAP (Newton's Laws of Motion and ERP Selection)

By: Rich Farrell | June 11, 2019
Sir Isaac Newton was one of the most important scientific minds in history. I am always humbled at his genius in multiple disciplines; he was the definition of a polymath. Newton’s interests ranged from astronomy, physics, optics, classical mechanics, mathematics as well as philosophy and theology. As brilliant as he was, I bet he did not realize that […]
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4 Unlikeable but Critical Facts About Digital Transformation

By: Rich Farrell | May 10, 2019
Disruptive technology has the potential to disrupt markets, behavior, and processes models. According to Brian Solis, the three concepts of disruptive technology are: Iteration: doing the same things better Innovation: doing new things that create new value Disruption: doing new things that make the old things obsolete. How does a company cope with all […]
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