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Hit a Project Management Home Run: Bat from both sides of the Leadership/Management Plate

By: Rich Farrell | March 25, 2019
Baseball season is getting oh so close to a ballpark near me and I love me some Major League Baseball. A key reason why I love baseball is great batters like Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, and Tim Raines. They were all fantastic switch hitters that could adapt on the fly to different pitchers. My baseball coach always said right-handed batters hit better […]
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Guacamole is the New Secret Ingredient for Organizational Change Management

By: Rich Farrell | September 13, 2017
  The concept of Organizational Change Management (OCM) does not resonate well in some organizations. Often times when I throw the “OCM” acronym around, the executive suite starts speed dialing security to get me out of their conference room. OCM sometimes gets a bad rap, much like avocados. Sure, avocados are high in fat, green, and mushy; however, […]
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Choosing An ERP Can Be Like Online Dating (But Shouldn’t)

By: Rich Farrell | August 2, 2017
Ok, I admit to my cynicism, but I have been divorced for a few years. Since that time, I have had “friends” nudging me into the world of online dating. So, a couple years ago I dipped my toe into the online dating pool. It was exciting at first, having access to all these witty, beautiful and interesting women. However, I soon found out that some of […]
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