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Client Appreciation Event - PGA Tour's Evans Scholars Invitational

By: Craig Andrew Smith | May 28, 2019
At LTA, our clients always come first.  Whether it is before, during, or after a project is completed, we strive for everyone to have a phenomenal experience.  It was an absolute pleasure and honor to host our annual Client Appreciation Event last week at The Glen Club as a proud sponsor of the PGA Tour’s 2019 Evans Scholars Invitational.
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4 Unlikeable but Critical Facts About Digital Transformation

By: Rich Farrell | May 10, 2019
Disruptive technology has the potential to disrupt markets, behavior, and processes models. According to Brian Solis, the three concepts of disruptive technology are: Iteration: doing the same things better Innovation: doing new things that create new value Disruption: doing new things that make the old things obsolete. How does a company cope with all ...
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The Pros And Cons Of Installing A New Software System

By: LTA | May 8, 2019
Businesses everywhere are being forced to modernize their technologies, including software systems. There are many businesses that are reluctant to implement new software for a variety of reasons including comfort with the standard mode of operations, the cost of new software, or the time and resources that it might take to implement the system - not to ...
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Hit a Project Management Home Run: Bat from both sides of the Leadership/Management Plate

By: Rich Farrell | March 25, 2019
Baseball season is getting oh so close to a ballpark near me and I love me some Major League Baseball. A key reason why I love baseball is great batters like Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, and Tim Raines. They were all fantastic switch hitters that could adapt on the fly to different pitchers. My baseball coach always said right-handed batters hit better ...
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OCM and ERP Implementation Project Management: 3 critical mistakes to avoid

By: LTA | March 18, 2019
I have been involved in many ERP implementations over the past 20 years in one capacity or the other, and the one thing that does not get enough respect on the project plan is Organizational Change Management. I am not saying it is missing entirely, but the amount of focus needed to ensure a successful implementation is generally lacking, especially for ...
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