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OCM and ERP Implementation Project Management: 3 critical mistakes to avoid

By: LTA | March 18, 2019
I have been involved in many ERP implementations over the past 20 years in one capacity or the other, and the one thing that does not get enough respect on the project plan is Organizational Change Management. I am not saying it is missing entirely, but the amount of focus needed to ensure a successful implementation is generally lacking, especially for ...
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Contracts and Compliance in the GDPR Era, A Lunch and Learn Event

By: Brad Robinson | February 27, 2019
Earlier this month LTA had the pleasure of hosting a lunch and learn event with Schellman & Company on, Contracts and Compliance in the GDPR Era at the Mid-America Club in downtown Chicago. Attendees had time to network, followed by lunch while Joel Schneider, President of LTA moderated the discussion with Debbie Zaller, a partner at Schellman & Company ...
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Isn’t All ERP Software the Same… Why Is ERP Selection Such a Big Deal?

By: Brad Robinson | November 30, 2018
Your initial reaction to this question may be that with today’s technology advancements, enterprise software is smarter than ever, and they are all pretty close with regards to functionality and cost.  LTA believes this is inaccurate. In fact, it may be more complicated today than ever before to choose an ERP system that meets your unique business ...
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Moore’s Law and Advancement of Technology: How Does the Steady Pace of Change Affect the Mid-Market?

By: Craig Andrew Smith | November 5, 2018
In today's streaming, machine-learning, big-data-predictive-analytic-collecting, fast paced, demanding society, it goes without saying that the pace of technology continues to advance at a tremendous rate - so much in fact that it is still keeping pace with Moore's Law, which Alphabet's CEO, Sergey Brin referenced in his 2017 Founder's Letter (a quick ...
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Client Appreciation at the Park

By: Brad Robinson | September 26, 2018
At Liberty Technology Advisors we truly value our relationship with our clients. Whether it is before, during, or after a project is completed, we want our clients to have a positive experience. A common phrase around the office when it comes to our clients’ needs is “client first, client second, and client third”. Earlier this month we had the pleasure ...
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